Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Passanger List For Tillie

I found the Passanger list for Tillie and her children! Here it is! On the other page that I didnt download is her fathers name David with a last name I cant make out. Taube is known as Toby.

4.27's confusion

We have found out that Louis' parents are Benjamin and Tillie Sturman, we have a 1920's census for the family and they have 4 children; Rose, Louis, Gussie and Etta. We know that they came to America in 1912 and the year they were born. The weird thing is that Bennie (Benjamin) was born around 1872 and he is suppse to be the Uncle to Herschel who was born in 1861? Is he maybe a brother instead of an uncle? Because then he might be our 'uncle' that Charlie has on his arrival.
I am now in contact with Robert Charles Sturman who was named after Charlie, his father is Herbert the son of Louis. We got all the above information from them last night and can't wait for anymore info that they might have. I hope that Herbert can solve the mystery of how Louis is really related to us!
Another thing that isn't really genealogy related is that we have a lot of artist in the family. That's just a small side note though:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Louis Sturman [updated]

I talked to Adele this morning and she says that Louis was her grandfather Herschel's cousin. So we know that Moses Sturman had a brother, we just don't have a name. That's the next step. I really hope one of the Shainberg's can answer this for us!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Todays Research

So I am taking some time while little Oliver sleeps and researching Louis Sturman. I found a family tree on ancestry with a Louis and Dora (Rothblatt) Sturman with her death and birthdays. So I did what I always do and googled it. I came up with a Louis and Dora Sturman both buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery1523 S Rozelle Memphis, TN. Does that sound familiar? It should because Ida, Herschel and Abraham are all buried at the Baron Hirsch Cemetery on Staten Island. I know have a death date for Louis and I hope to be able to find out more information now.  "The cemetery is 5 acres, which are well kept as all the other Jewish cemeteries in Shelby County. There are over 3,000 burials here."
STURMAN        Dora R                                     12/25/1989         15  A   12 ( section, row, & plot #)
STURMAN        Louis                                       4/22/1993         15  A   13
I found both of their SS# but that's all I find, besides a birth date of 3.13.1901. Anna Sturmman was born in  march I hope this is the right guy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Connection

I find it silly that my whole life I have thought of my dad's side of the family to be this little group of people. There was my dad, his brother, my grandparents of course and then us four grand kids, then along came my Aunt Buffy and Jai. The extent of the family I knew besides them was my great uncle and his family (which is really small too). The only other thing is that I would get birthday money from my Aunt Selma every year, who was only related to me through marriage.  Then last year I discovered a whole new family, spread out around the world from California to South Africa. 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins once removed here popping up on facebook and it was so exciting to meet all these new people. And when I say meet... facebook doesn't really count does it. But here I was on a social network that was flooding with a new family.
In our research recently has sprung a new family, one that is related to Louis Sturman. Our mystery son on Ida's death cert. We are in contact with a member of the Richer family thanks to Ancestry and he asked his mother about Louis and she said she didn't know much about him besides that he was a successful attorney in Liberty, NY. So I googled the name with Liberty, NY and I found a link. Toby, a daughter to the late Louis and Dora Sturman who was born in Liberty, NY in 1933. In the obituary was her living children. So what did I do? I got on facebook and looked them up. I found 3 of them and sent them all emails. I heard back from one of the girls and I am waiting to hear back from her again. I hope we can put a connection together and find out more information about Louis. This is the first time I have heard about him. Maybe someone in their family has more information!
I am posting a chart that I have on facebook to make things easier for those who do not get the 2nd cousins once removed or anything along those lines.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

so exciting

I went to the post office today and in my mail box waiting for me were the death certificates for Herschel and Ida Sturman. I got so excited then realized I didn't want to get to excited because there might not be any info on there. Then I opened it and called Rachel right away! We have first and last names for each parent!!!! How amazing is that! 
 So we know now that Herschel Sturman's Father was Moses Sturman and his mother was Sarah Richer both of Russia. He died October 30th, 1920 of Carcinausa ( trying to figure out writing) of the stomach and intestines. Ida Brodsky Sturman's Father was Charles Honor and her mother was Pauline Bernstein both of Russia. She died January 21st, 1936 of a Fracture of Right Tibia and Hypostatic Pneumonia. She was struck by an automobile on Mermaid Avenue and 36th Street. Her death certificate was signed by her son? Charles was the only boy in the family at that time, Abraham had already pasted away. I can't make out the name but it looks like Louis...interesting. I am off to see if I can find anything else out!

I know they are hard to see, but here are the documents. Remember you can click on them to make them larger!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Find & Tannersville History

Rachel found this yesterday, it doesn't help with anything... but its just fun to have. Just so you know you can click on the images to make them bigger.

Also Rachel was able to contact the Tannersville Chamber of Commerce and got a reply. I will try and call the lady sometime this week and I hope I can get some stories about Charlie and the Tannersville days. Here is what we know from an email.
Although I don't have any knowledge of your Great Grandfather's store, I called Justine Hommel, the former president of the Historical Society and the town historian. She remembers the store and your Great Grandfather and may be able to help.
It is far better to try to contact Justine by phone than by email. She has given me permission to give you her phone number . I also sent your request on to another member who may be able to help.
Bob Gildersleeve
Thanks for forwarding this email.

Rachel -
I am copying this reply to two members of the Historical Society: Justine Hommel and Bob Gildersleeve.  Perhaps they can help.
Mike McCrary
My name is Rachel, and my extended family use to visit Tannersville often and my Great-Grandfather had a hardware store there, or a store front of some sort his name was Charles Sturman, this would have been in the 1930's and 40's possibly.  I am wondering if anyone can direct me to a place or person to contact to try and find more information.  Thank you.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Harry & Ida Sturman

The other day Rachel did some major uncovering and found the 1920 census with Herschel and Ida Sturman on it. This helped us find the year that they arrived (if its correct) and we were able to find their death certificate numbers. So I have sent away for those and I just pray that they have some info on it that can be helpful to go back further.
I found out through Hal Strumpf that Herschel might have been married before in the Old Country, because on Charlie Sturman's death certificate that I got last year it has Hohmer as the maiden name for his mother. We also know that Ida, Herschel, and their son Abraham are all buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery, 1126 Richmond Ave., Staten Island, NY 10314-1503. I hope to be able to get photos of their grave sites.

First Post

I thought it would be a good idea for Rachel and I to blog about our findings while researching our families history so that we can share it with each other being so far away. There are four family links on the top of the page with Questions we have and Questions we have gotten answered. There will soon be a page for photos and documents we find a long the way as well.
Please have patience with us while we get this blog up and going.