Tuesday, April 12, 2011

so exciting

I went to the post office today and in my mail box waiting for me were the death certificates for Herschel and Ida Sturman. I got so excited then realized I didn't want to get to excited because there might not be any info on there. Then I opened it and called Rachel right away! We have first and last names for each parent!!!! How amazing is that! 
 So we know now that Herschel Sturman's Father was Moses Sturman and his mother was Sarah Richer both of Russia. He died October 30th, 1920 of Carcinausa ( trying to figure out writing) of the stomach and intestines. Ida Brodsky Sturman's Father was Charles Honor and her mother was Pauline Bernstein both of Russia. She died January 21st, 1936 of a Fracture of Right Tibia and Hypostatic Pneumonia. She was struck by an automobile on Mermaid Avenue and 36th Street. Her death certificate was signed by her son? Charles was the only boy in the family at that time, Abraham had already pasted away. I can't make out the name but it looks like Louis...interesting. I am off to see if I can find anything else out!

I know they are hard to see, but here are the documents. Remember you can click on them to make them larger!

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