Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Connection

I find it silly that my whole life I have thought of my dad's side of the family to be this little group of people. There was my dad, his brother, my grandparents of course and then us four grand kids, then along came my Aunt Buffy and Jai. The extent of the family I knew besides them was my great uncle and his family (which is really small too). The only other thing is that I would get birthday money from my Aunt Selma every year, who was only related to me through marriage.  Then last year I discovered a whole new family, spread out around the world from California to South Africa. 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins once removed here popping up on facebook and it was so exciting to meet all these new people. And when I say meet... facebook doesn't really count does it. But here I was on a social network that was flooding with a new family.
In our research recently has sprung a new family, one that is related to Louis Sturman. Our mystery son on Ida's death cert. We are in contact with a member of the Richer family thanks to Ancestry and he asked his mother about Louis and she said she didn't know much about him besides that he was a successful attorney in Liberty, NY. So I googled the name with Liberty, NY and I found a link. Toby, a daughter to the late Louis and Dora Sturman who was born in Liberty, NY in 1933. In the obituary was her living children. So what did I do? I got on facebook and looked them up. I found 3 of them and sent them all emails. I heard back from one of the girls and I am waiting to hear back from her again. I hope we can put a connection together and find out more information about Louis. This is the first time I have heard about him. Maybe someone in their family has more information!
I am posting a chart that I have on facebook to make things easier for those who do not get the 2nd cousins once removed or anything along those lines.

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