Monday, April 25, 2011

Todays Research

So I am taking some time while little Oliver sleeps and researching Louis Sturman. I found a family tree on ancestry with a Louis and Dora (Rothblatt) Sturman with her death and birthdays. So I did what I always do and googled it. I came up with a Louis and Dora Sturman both buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery1523 S Rozelle Memphis, TN. Does that sound familiar? It should because Ida, Herschel and Abraham are all buried at the Baron Hirsch Cemetery on Staten Island. I know have a death date for Louis and I hope to be able to find out more information now.  "The cemetery is 5 acres, which are well kept as all the other Jewish cemeteries in Shelby County. There are over 3,000 burials here."
STURMAN        Dora R                                     12/25/1989         15  A   12 ( section, row, & plot #)
STURMAN        Louis                                       4/22/1993         15  A   13
I found both of their SS# but that's all I find, besides a birth date of 3.13.1901. Anna Sturmman was born in  march I hope this is the right guy!

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