Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4.27's confusion

We have found out that Louis' parents are Benjamin and Tillie Sturman, we have a 1920's census for the family and they have 4 children; Rose, Louis, Gussie and Etta. We know that they came to America in 1912 and the year they were born. The weird thing is that Bennie (Benjamin) was born around 1872 and he is suppse to be the Uncle to Herschel who was born in 1861? Is he maybe a brother instead of an uncle? Because then he might be our 'uncle' that Charlie has on his arrival.
I am now in contact with Robert Charles Sturman who was named after Charlie, his father is Herbert the son of Louis. We got all the above information from them last night and can't wait for anymore info that they might have. I hope that Herbert can solve the mystery of how Louis is really related to us!
Another thing that isn't really genealogy related is that we have a lot of artist in the family. That's just a small side note though:)

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